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Type Members

  1. trait DerivedCellDecoder[T] extends CellDecoder[T]
  2. trait DerivedCellEncoder[T] extends CellEncoder[T]
  3. trait DerivedCsvRowDecoder[T] extends CsvRowDecoder[T, String]
  4. trait DerivedCsvRowEncoder[T] extends CsvRowEncoder[T, String]
  5. trait DerivedRowDecoder[T] extends RowDecoder[T]
  6. trait DerivedRowEncoder[T] extends RowEncoder[T]
  7. class ExportMacros extends AnyRef

    Macros used to circumvent divergence checker restrictions in the compiler.

    Macros used to circumvent divergence checker restrictions in the compiler. Inspired by pureconfig and circe.

  8. trait MapShapedCsvRowDecoder[Repr] extends CsvRowDecoder[Repr, String]
  9. trait MapShapedCsvRowEncoder[Repr] extends CsvRowEncoder[Repr, String]
  10. trait SeqShapedRowDecoder[Repr] extends RowDecoder[Repr]
  11. trait SeqShapedRowEncoder[Repr] extends RowEncoder[Repr]

Value Members

  1. object DerivedCellDecoder extends DerivedCellDecoderInstances0
  2. object DerivedCellEncoder extends DerivedCellEncoderInstances0
  3. object DerivedCsvRowDecoder
  4. object DerivedCsvRowEncoder
  5. object DerivedRowDecoder
  6. object DerivedRowEncoder
  7. object MapShapedCsvRowDecoder extends LowPriorityMapShapedCsvRowDecoder1
  8. object MapShapedCsvRowEncoder extends LowPrioMapShapedCsvRowEncoderImplicits
  9. object SeqShapedRowDecoder extends LowPrioritySeqShapedRowDecoder1
  10. object SeqShapedRowEncoder